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A well-designed banner attracts customers in no time! That's why at Affilaxy, we have devoted a lot of attention to banner design and have many different models to choose from. The banners are, of course, available in all of the standard formats. If your website requires a format that is not on our list, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.


Pop-unders have huge advantages. They don't bother visitors and are less likely to be clicked away in irritation. A well-designed pop-under will remain in place for longer and can generate a higher conversation rate. This means this promotion tool can be extremely profitable! At Affilaxy, you can choose from different designs, which are all irresistible for visitors to your website.


Affilaxy has a wide range of landing pages. Our high converting landing pages are custom made for maximum results.


Our registration forms are quick and easy to place on your website. The form enables your website visitors to sign up directly to one of our websites.


At Affilaxy, we offer different plug & play profiles – profiles that are very easy to install and can then be used directly. This enables you to generate many clicks quickly, without having to spend days installing software. It's easy to earn without investing large sums thanks to the attractive profiles which are bound to appeal to many visitors!


Want to create your own website with our profiles on it? It's possible with our Profile feed. You can choose between three formats: JSON, RSS, and XML. Select the gender, age and country and start making money today! Can't be easier, right?


Pop-ups are impossible to ignore and therefore tempt a great many website visitors. You can quickly generate a huge number of clicks, which all bring in extra income! Here, too, you can choose from the most alluring designs and images, to ensure that the pop-up reflects your website and is of the highest possible quality.

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